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Crypto Fintech Partnerships to help grow your assets.

It is our sincere pleasure to help those who want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, DEFI, NFTS and Blockchain technology all while implementing partnership strategies that help grow our partners digital assets. Below are some of the education and services we offer. All donations are utilized and a portion of those donations and partnership dontations are to be pledged towards partnerhing charities, philanthropy & community projects. 

OTC (Over The Counter) Trade Services

We Provide Access To Large Amounts Of Liquidity

Our OTC trade process is very simplified. If you are a person or business looking to acquire larger amounts of Bitcoin, ETH and several other major coins while keeping your information and transactions very private and confidential, then we are the right partner for you. We do full KYC/AML on each customer and provide a smooth process. We also provide the ability for you to compound and drastically grow your BTC and crypto holdings through our AI Trade Partnership Platform. Leverage a guaranteed 30% or higher growth with upwards as 300% or more growth with our AI Trading Platform Partnership. We have a very large network of buyers/sellers and can quickly execute transactions providing you with the coins or cash that you seek. On top of that we are partnered with over the top 50 and growing exchanges, Multiple OTC desks and all the top liquidity providers across the globe. There is no transaction we can't handle

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Cold & Warm Storage Solutions as a Service

Fully Insured Custody Solutions With Staking

If you are a private investor and all the crypto you are acquiring is to be partially held on to or as they refer to as "HODL" which stands for Hold On for Dear Life, then you might want to consider our Fully Insured Custody Solutions where we offer you safe custody solutions that help you make interest on your crypto. So not only do you get the safety of a fully insured wallet insuring all your coins, you also can stake those coins and earn annual interest on them at the same time.

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True Regulated Turn Key Bitcoin Mining Partnership

We Provide Turn Key Bitcoin Mining Solutions

Offering a Turn Key Bitcoin mining partnership solution simply made sense. Working with mining facilities and companies we were in a position to learn alot about mining, how big its gotten, how profitable it has gotten and how well it fits into what we do. We provide everything, now you get to actually own mining rigs just like the big guys do. We are very excited to be the legit company that brings it to the little guys who are not only getting priced out of the Bitcoin mining market but can now having Bitcoin mining in their IRAs. Click the link below to learn more on how you can partner with us on our full turn key bitcoin mining partnership where we structure our partnership under a regulated environment and in a tax free entity allowing the growth to grow with minimal taxation. 

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AI Trading Platform Partnership

Drastically grow & compound your digital assets

We are very excited that we have the ability to offer Intitutional Artificial Intelligence crypto trading that limits potential losses, protects principle balance while increasing odds of maximizing growth potential on those digital assets. We have a proven and tested platform that has been in use with multiple strategies since 2012 for forex and since 2018 for crypto. Large amounts of trade data along with improvement tweaks to each strategy while the AI has been able to learn for the past 5 years giving us a much higher continued growth percentage year after year. We are confident you will love the benefits from this platform which works hand in hand if you are a OTC buyer client of ours. This could put your crypto to work and drastically grow for you. 

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Future Wealth & Estate Planning

Wealth Estate & Tax Planning

We are very excited that we have the ability to offer an innovative tax & wealth planning solution that is new aged and proven to work. We take some of the old strategies and apply new age strategies to them to drastically improve the over all outcomes and growth. With proper tax planning, asset protection, and wealth management strategies, Obsidian is a new aged family office for the small families looking to grow and build their family legacy. We do this through our sister company Obsidian Wealth Management Trust which is a non profit trust setup simliar to a family office to help educate those on wealth management and financial literacy while providing implementation and helping to change the world by partnering with the top charities which helps with its philathropy mission and giving back.

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Top 50+ Exchange Listing Partnerships

New Token Listing Services

For those in the Crypto space know that new coins and tokens come out all the time. With all our relationships with various exchanges and liquidity providers it just made sense as a crypto OTC to begin offering new token listing services where we help new crypto blockchain companies get their tokens listed on the large exchanges and help them with market making and liquidity. We are partnered with over the top 50 and growing exchanges. There is no transaction we can't handle. Let us help you get your token listed on the top exchanges and get your Token/Coin out to the masses.

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