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A Crypto Company With Core Values

Everything we do here at Obsidian Capital Management we strive to excel with each and every client/partner of ours that we work with. Our cire values help differentiate ourselfs from the rest which are based on trust, transparency, ethics, loyalty, Integrity, performance and more.

Core Values Are The Heart Of OCM

How we perform matters and how we keep our clients and partners information confidential also matters.

We are proud to say that we are more than just an OTC trade desk. We are a crypto fintech company trust that provides deep liquidity for new crypto acquisitions as well as a large buyer pool for those looking to sell off their crypto. Then you couple that with our turn Key Bitcoin Mining and our AI Trading platform and Token listing services which are all driven by our core values.

  • Honesty & Integrity: At Obsidian we shall always conduct business in a manner reflecting honesty, honor and integrity with all our clients. 

  • Professional Conduct & Confidentiality: We shall always conduct its business activities in a professional manner. We shall not provide nor disclose a client's personal or business information unless permission has been granted by the client. Security of our clients' information is of the upmost importance. 

  • Compliance With The Law: As a regulated entity, its vital that we ensure KYC/AML is completed for each and every customer or partner we work with as its important we remain compliant with all regulations.

  • Honor: Having a strong sense of duty and honor for each person we work with.

  • Commitment to Performance & Reliability: Trust that when we commit we get the job done and do what we say we will do.

  • Giving Back-Making A Difference: its of vital importance that we give back to our charitable partnerships to help with our philothranopic goals of helping make this world a better place.


We take Compliance seriously. Every buyer or seller we work with MUST have full verifiable ownership of the digital assets and must provide a full KYC/AML for us to qualify them. Those who do not comply will not be boarded as a member or custom.


Being transparent as possible is extremely important to us. Clarity absolutely matters. We are clear and open in how we operate and communicate. All our clients know what they are getting and all our broker partners know and trust they will be paid.

Trade History

We understand that as we build a relationship with a new client-partner, we typically want a safe and fully insured environment to protect all parties which we provide, however our biggest focal point is establishing trade history so that there is trust and once there is trust things become super simple and fast.

Safe Handling

We understand that as we build a relationship with a new client-partner, we typically want a safe and fully insured environment to protect all parties which we provide. Its vital that our customers and partners can actually trust us and know we are safely handling their assets or funds. We know that relationships drive business and we respect and empower everyone we work with. We pack a lot of value into a solid experience



When you partner with Obsidian Capital Management for your digital asset needs, you get far more than just a single solution company, you get a purpose driven partner. Click the button in top right of this webpage to register or Click button below to Schedule a complementary call and discover how easy it is to work with us!

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