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Obsidian 401k- IRA Solutions 

IRA Solutions

Crypto in your retirement account

Did you know that the average retirement account earns between 6%-8% a year? By the time you add inflation to the mix you are looking at more like 2%-3% a year growth which is better than 0% however that is horrible overall.

Did you realize that people investing in crypto are getting 100%-2,000% or more gains? Many have had triple digit gains just by hodling their crypto. Now imagine if you put your IRA funds into other options such as AI Trading or Bitcoin Mining... What would that look like? It will provide solid gains and drastically change your retirement for good... Pretty game changing right?

Well we are here to tell you that is all possible with Obsidian Capital Management and we have the perfect setup. Regulated and compliant OTC trade desk to help you easily get all your crypto, turn key bitcoin mining partnership followed by our AI Trading partnership. The true Crypto Legacy Wealth Acceleratorâ„¢ program.

Easy Access To Crypto

We are partnering with IRA custodians

We are very excited that we have partnered with a few IRA custodians and will continue to add more as we grow. We can help with obtaining crypto via our OTC trade desk, we can help setup WY Self Directed IRA LLC's and help you place your funds into our joint venture partnerships where we place those assets into our own turn key strategies such as Bitcoin Mining and Crypto AI Trading. If you want to learn more about those then click the button below. Our partnering company Obsidian Wealth Management handles all of the 401k rollovers and SD IRA LLC setups.

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401(k) Solutions


This day in age we at Obsidian believe that 401k's are a complete waste. There are many reasons we can get into it here but to name a few there are lots of restrictions, its not liquid, it has low growth and you cant control any of the investments. They are at the mercy of the fund manager who is only putting it into their portfolio of items such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Here at Obsidian we seek to help those who are sick and tired of slow growth, massive restrictions, high fees and zero control of where your funds are going. We want to help folks get out of their 401k's and into something far better. We have multiple strategies thta we implement at Obsidian Wealth Management where we eliminate taxtion, and help folks take full control of their 401k funds. This could be from cashing it out or placing it into something such as a self directed IRA. Just know that you are in luck because we work with many different IRA custodians and can help get you setup and get your funds working for you where you have access to them, can invest in things like Crypto, Real Estate, Precious metals and more.

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Take Control of your Retirements Growth

Self Directed IRA LLC's

We believe with the Trillions of dollars stuck in 401ks and traditional IRA's that there is no better time than NOW to take control of your funds and stop those measly small gains by getting a Self Directed IRA LLC in place so there's checkbook control allowing you to invest in other assets such as Crypto, Real Estate, Precious metals and more. Our partnering company Obsidian Wealth Management can assist you in setting up your Wyoming based SD IRA LLC (Wyoming is the best state for zero crypto taxes and best for identity protection) and help you place your funds into various crypto partnership strategies that we provide. If you just want to hold your crypto that is ok, we can help you purchase the larger quantities of crypto and help you place it in cold storage with us if you choose where we can stake it and you make interest on it. Either way we have options and can help you take back control of your retirement and drastically grow it in a way that allows you to build a true legacy retirement you can be proud of.

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Safe Transparent Insured Wallets

We utilize fully secured & insured wallets.

We utilize the most secure wallets out there that are fully insured up to $50,000,000 and growing. We utilize www.Fireblocks.com as our wallet service provider. As a regulated OTC/Institution we get top access to all the best solutions out there and bring those to our partnerships. We have access to also offer Cold Storage custody solutions as well. All our mining partnerships have a transparent master wallet ran through OCM's fireblocks customer wallet setup specifically for that Joint Venture Partnership which is registered as a customer of OCM's.



When you partner with Obsidian Capital Management for your digital asset needs, you get far more than just a single solution company, you get a purpose driven partner. Click the Register Button below to register or if you want to speak to one of our advocates, then Click Schedule A Call button.

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