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About Obsidian Charity Partnerships

At Obsidian Capital Management, we are passionate about Crypto and Fintech, but we are even more passionate about what those allow us to do for the better good. As a non profit ourselves, we aspire to help support other charities that actually make a massive difference.

It is our mission to help all our "Partners" succeed in not only obtaining more wealth, but giving back some of that wealth in a form of gratitude and exercising one of Dynamic laws of prosperity which is the law of giving.


Obsidian Capital Management is Proud To Partner With

Charity Water!

Did you know that almost 50% of the United States population dont trust charities? The reason being is they dont know where their money is going or if its really being used for the good they state they are using it for. Well we were in the same boat which is what we are on a mission to help others learn the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity so that they can dontate and actually know exactly how their funds are being used. 

Did you know that millions of kids die each year due to bad disease infected water? Well this is what has moved us to help be a part of this massive change Charity Water is bringing across the world. The best part is they actually show you what you are doing with your funds. They prove to you where your money is going. Its our mission at the Obsidian companies to be a part of this movement and bring our clients and client partners with us. Being a part of something so much bigger than ourselves gives us passion and purpose. We are blessed to help share this journey and will be posting our way to raising and donating over $5million dollars to Charity Water by the end of 2023. The question is will you join us utilizing our programs where we help you earn more money so that you can help donate some of it to make a difference?

Watch and Learn About the Charity Water Story



Want To Learn More About Charity Water?

Click the Button Below to be taken to Charity Waters website and Discover for yourself the mission and purpose of this amazing non profit.

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