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Were More Than Just An OTC...

Providing The Sharpest Edge In Digital Assets!

Welcome to Obsidian Capital Management—your premier destination for streamlined digital asset Over-The-Counter (OTC) transactions. But we're not just any ordinary OTC desk.

In a world where capital gains and taxes can diminish the value of your digital investments, or where lawsuits and creditors can actively attack you forcing you to liquidate your digital assets, we've pioneered a unique approach to asset management and protection. By leveraging a strategic partnership with our sister company, Obsidian Wealth Management, we offer an exclusive suite of services designed to optimize your financial gains.

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Obsidian Capital Management OTC & Crypto Profit Services

A portion of all our earnings and partnership earnings all go to our charitable partner www.CharityWater.Org which is a fully vetted charity that makes a major difference in this world. We are very pleased to be a part of their humanitarian mission.


We Are Experts In Digital Assets

We have a full turn key solution and the only thing missing is YOU!

OTC Services

Obsidian's OTC -Over The Counter trade services were designed with simplicity in mind. The ability to board new partner/donors, get their tax advantaged entity setup in the proper state and provide smooth successful transactions is what we do.

We have and will continue to obtain multiple banking and liquidity providers. Through our other company Obsidian Wealth Management we offer specific ASSET PROTECTION & TAX PLANNING services to reduce risk, exposure, liability and over taxation when purchasing or selling digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

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Obsidian Capital Management AI Trading Platform Partnership

AI Trading Platform

Here at Obsidian you're more than a client, you're our partner. We are keen on providing options in the fintech space that allow our partnerships to grow and be as profitable as they can, all while helping us do our part working with charitiable partnerships.

Our dedicated Crypto AI Trading platform partnership provides the ability for compounded crypto growth and above average gains which can be for individuals, IRA's, Businesses or Investors allowing for a portion of those funds growth to be donated to OCM so we can do our part as a charitable organization.

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Obsidian Capital Management Crypto OTC Trade Services

Asset Protection

Your digital assets are invaluable. That's why we have integrated advanced methods and structures designed to safeguard your assets, ensuring their long term security and protection for those who really want to protect what they have accumulated.

Lawsuits are at an all time high especially in the USA where 87% of the lawsuits in the world happen. Its time that you not only shield and protect your assets but can allow them as part of your estate plan to be passed down to love ones who you decide to leave your legacy too.

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Tax Planning

One of the key elements the wealthy do is "KEEP" more of what they earn. When you decide to sell your digital assets, that is considered a taxable event and you will pay capital gains taxes on any gains accrued.

The IRS (who was recently injected with over $80,000,000 dollars and are hiring over 80,000 new people to work there) are coming after the small to medium sized businesses and investors.

Now is the time to do everything in your power to drastically reduce your tax liabilities and protect what you own.

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Strictly Compliant

We have built OCM to meet the same high standards of other institutions require both internally and from their regulators.

Regulatory Compliance

  • U.S. Based and FINCEN regulated

  • Partnered with Multiple Banks/Liquidity Providers and Exchanges

  •  Regular BSA/AML, security and audits

  • Operational Compliance

  • Fully - autidable account activity

  • 100% fully insured wallets

  •  Comprehensive reporting


    We Help You Grow Your Digital Assets

    Here at Obsidian you are never just our client or customer you are our partner. It is our goal to help you acquire your cryptocurrency assets, liquidate them as you see fit. Then (if you choose) partner with us to compound and grow those digital assets utilizing our Crypto AI Trading while being your simplified resource to liquidate, store or stake any of your cryptocurrency assets as you need. To top it off, our sister company  Obsidian Wealth Management "OWM" is here to help with various tax planning (legally reducing your huge income or capital gains taxes), asset protection, and true legacy wealth planning using its own strategies along with ours to maximize your overall accumulated wealth and retirement. OWM also provide business acquisition and real estate opportunities. We value and appreciate all our client/ partners and want to safely and securely protect their assets while minimizing tax liabilities

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    We Are Constantly Growing Our Relationships To Better Serve Our Client/Partners!










    What Our Clients Say

    "Very easy to implement"

    "Working as a large private fund obtaining larger amounts of Bitcoin was a bit of a challenge while being descreet about our portfolio holdings. Obsidian made their OTC process very simple to implement, they were descreet keeping our info confidential and give us the crypto we needed to expand our portfolio. They even gave us additional options on where to put those coins to compound and grow which was a bonus." 

    David D - Private Fund Manager

    "My Crypto has increased"

    "I have been in the Cryptocurrency Industry since 2015 and I have seen every single scam or joker broker in the book when it comes to buying & liquidating Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Joshwa with Obsidian Capital Management is the only person I know or trust that provides a real Crytpo OTC Service with full transparency and professionalism. No games just real honest business. His knowledge and passion in the cryptocurrency industry is second to none and I highly recommend Joshwa as a premier crypto financial solutions provider."

    Mark P - Crypto Miner & Investor

    "Obsidian Always performs"

    "I had an old 401k that I wanted to do something with but wasnt sure what my options were. I met with Obsidian Wealth Managment who helped me roll over the 401k and redirected me to Obsidian Capital Management to self direct my funds into their programs. I felt comfortable knowing that they were regulated and that they had vehicles where I could purchase crypto through them safely and as a partner they put them to work for me. I know I am in good hands and am looking forward to what kind of growth I can obtain."

    Jane B - Individual Business Owner

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    When you partner with Obsidian Capital Management for your digital asset needs, you get far more than just a single solution company, you get a purpose driven partner. Click the Register Button below to register or if you want to speak to one of our advocates, then Click Schedule A Call button.

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