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Crypto Custody and Staking

OTC (Over The Counter) Trade Services

We Provide Access To Large Amounts Of Liquidity

Our OTC trade process is very simplified. If you are a person or business looking to acquire larger amounts of Bitcoin such as 2.5 BTC or higher, then we are the right partner for you. We do full KYC/AML on each customer and provide 

AI Trading Platform Partnership

We Drastically grow your digital assets as your partner

We are very excited that we have the ability to offer Artificial Intelligence trading that limits potential losses, protects principle balance while increasing odds of maximizing growth potential on those digital assets growth. We have a proven and tested platform that has been in use with multiple strategies for over the past 4 years. Lots of trade data and improvement tweaks to each strategy while the AI has been able to learn for the past 4 years giving us a much higher continued growth percentage year after year.



When you partner with Obsidian Capital Management for your digital asset needs, you get far more than just a single solution company, you get a purpose driven partner. Click the Register Button below to register or if you want to speak to one of our advocates, then Click Schedule A Call button.

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